Upgrading from 3770k to 8700k

May 7, 2014
Hey guys. I just have a few questions. My current build is

Windows 10
Asus z77
I7 3770k
sli 1080's

and other things.

My question is do i need to uninstall the BIOS for the Asus mobo from my OS ssd before i rebuild? Or can i do it after? The new parts are

i7 8700k
Asrock 730 Taichi
of course some compatible ram, cpu cooler.

Its been a while since ive done a Mobo/ram/cpu swap. I wasnt worried about losing data then. But this time i would rather not wipe my Os ssd. Any suggestions? Will this be an issue if i just uninstall the Asus Bios after bootup and install the Asrock bios?
There isn't a BIOS to "install/uninstall" if you're referring to the ASUS software for controlling the MOBO it shouldn't matter if you remove it before or after upgrading, it should only interact with ASUS boards.
Assuming you're using the same boot method ide/legacy, AHCI, or RAID on the new system it should just boot up (if it blue screens after about 5-10 seconds you likely need to change it), you will have to reactivate windows regardless though.

There should be little to no risk of dataloss, worst case scenario you install it back to the old system to pull the data off.
Windows 10 actually does an amazing job with massive hardware changes.

No need to do anything.

That said a reinstall is always recommended.