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Mar 1, 2007
ok I maybe getting an i7 2600k and thus and looking at a p67 mobo. My question is ram related. I would be using the ram kit from my sig g.skill ripjaws 2x2gb 1333mhz, and plan on overclocking the cpu since it is apparently one helluva overclocker. How much would this ram hold me back for overclocking?
It's not really an issue of how much RAM you have, but rather how many RAM modules are used for the chipset to handle. There's many 2600k users with 16GB setups with 4.5ghz+ stable overclocks. For your setup, you shouldn't have any problems with a good and stable high overclock. Of course, there are other dependencies for it being 24/7 stable. 2x2GB setup should barely hold you back at all really.

EDIT: Actually, now that I thought about it, there are no chipsets used for Nahalem based processors because of the new I/O interconnect. So it's just a matter of keeping that IMC cooled.
On Sandy Bridge systems the CPU is clocked, and over-clocked, independently of the memory clock, so the RAM shouldn't hold you back at all.

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Your RAM is fine, hoss. The key thing, as you already know, is with the RAM's voltage level -- Intel still has the 1.65V "safe" limit for all of its "second generation" Core processors.

Plus, as Cobalt35 alluded to earlier, the i7-2600K has an unlocked CPU multiplier. That is what people are using for overclocking.
ok great, thanks guys. Cross your fingers for me. If I get it will cost me $120!!!!!!!!!