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Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by pingjockey, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. pingjockey

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    Nov 14, 2006
    Currently on a z370 gigabyte aorus board with an i7 8700k. I am considering an upgrade path and was wondering if I should hang with the 8700k or jump to the 3800x and x570 motherboard.

    I do a bit a of gaming but I also do run a number of vm's in vmware workstation through the day so the extra cores maybe helpful in that respect.

    Also, if I stick with intel is it worth the investment to jump to a z390 mobo at this point?
  2. Denpepe

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    Oct 26, 2015
    I would not go to Z390 (which is basically an updated Z370) looking for an upgrade path, next intel socket is rumoured to be socket 1200 iso the current 1151 and your current motherboard should be able to run the 9xxx series of CPU's fine.

    Also not sure about the longetivity of the current AMD socket as AMD has already stated that staying on the same socket is keeping them somewhat back, but maybe the X570 is better suited for future upgrades, but time will tell.
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  3. Nasgul

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    Jun 11, 2005
    I don't see the point of going from 6 to 8, if any you should go with the 12 core, like the 3900X.

    The Z370 can handle an i9 9000K, F, or S. But ultimately the 3900X then.
  4. OhSigmaChi

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    Jan 27, 2019
    honestly, I wouldn't (and haven't) jump into Zen 2/X570, considering your current core parts. If your mobo supports the 9900K, that's where I would spend my money.

    Now, if you were an early Ryzen adopter with a nice X370/B450/X470 board and a 1st or 2nd gen Ryzen, I'd jump all over Zen 2...