Unreal Engine 4.15 is Released


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Apr 10, 2003
Unreal Engine 4.15 has been officially released. This iteration of Unreal Engine has many new features which are showcased by support for the Nintendo Switch. Unreal Engine 4.15 has added physically based default post processing settings. This adds better bloom settings, more film-like color and tone response to regular displays and HDR displays, etc. There is new improved texture streaming which lowers CPU overhead and load times while eliminating low resolution artifacts and automatically managing varying amounts of memory budgets.

Compile times for programmers has been reduced by up to 50%! You can reload content while Unreal Editor is running, reroute nodes in materials, integrated Blendspace Editor, cooking blueprints to C++ is no longer experimental, and many more. There are mobile previews for Vulkan, Metal, and OpenGL ES 3.1.

The VR Editor menu has new improvements such as a numpad and the ability for onscreen pointer input to be overridden by keypad choices. Flight stick and steering wheel support has been added along with non X-input devices via a new Raw Input Plugin! Take that Microsoft for making all my old devices from the early 2000's obsolete! There is even force feedback support and Playstation VR Aim controller support!

Linux ARM64 support has been added along with Alternate Frame Rendering Support for Nvidia SLi. This is a huge update and should give game developers new and faster tools to design the game worlds that they always envisioned in their dreams. Can't wait for these new features to be showcased in games of the future. Unreal Engine is used in so many games. This is great for PC, console, mobile, and IOS gaming!

Unreal Engine 4.15 includes significant gains in overall stability, enhancements to developer workflows, and improvements to runtime performance resulting in greater efficiency during development and superior end user experiences after release.
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Dec 14, 2011
Still waiting for Unreal Tournament... That announcer is the most badass of badass announcers.

It's a shame more games couldn't adopt their announcer because there's no equal. I've often had the announcer's voice in my head while playing Overwatch.


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Sep 7, 2011
Yall know that Unreal Tournament is in development, and you can download the most recent alpha for free?

I happen to know a guy on the inside.