Uneven Circuit Aging Becoming A Bigger Problem


[H]F Junkie
Dec 19, 2005
This seems like common sense

“While still evolving, the majority of pieces are in place today for mature process nodes that are well understood. But much work still needs to be done at future nodes, and in heterogeneous designs in advanced packages.

“Even some of the advanced finFET process nodes that are production tested and understood, the pieces are there,” Thiagarajan said. “However, for the newer advanced nodes that we’re now looking into, that really push the boundaries of physics with a smaller channel length as we approach 3nm and 2nm, these will need another set of innovative eyes to be able to model the aging correctly, and then find ways to increase the lifetime of these devices.”

But whether this will improve, or become more difficult with more customization and more options and features remains to be seen. At least for now, EDA companies are taking a hard look at what’s needed over the lifetimes of chips. The challenge will be to scale it, and so far, no one is talking about how to do that.”


Source: https://semiengineering.com/uneven-circuit-aging-becoming-a-bigger-problem/


Jan 7, 2020
What I'm reading about this is that I should soak my Ram, CPU and GPU in lemon juice before I install them to prevent electrical rot.

Yeah but you cant forget to put it in the microwave, as that is the most important step after the juice.