Ubuntu 19.10/Kernel 5.3 World Community Grid MCM Invalids

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    Mar 27, 2013
    I noticed some WCG MCM invalids on a new system I built. I stumbled upon a forum post (WCG forums) indicating it may be the fault of Ubuntu 19.10/Kernel 5.3.

    Preliminary results indicate there may be truth to the theory that there is something about Ubuntu 19.10/5.3 kernel and WCG MCM invalids, so far I have seen it on two of my systems (2P E5-2695V2 and 2P Epyc 7601). I rolled the Epyc back to Lubuntu 18.04.3/Kernel 5.0 and that so far seems to have fixed it.

    Has anyone seen anything similar? Anyone else running 19.10/Kernel 5.3?
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