Two Wi-Fi Set-up problem... Arris Cable Modem/Wifi, Netgear Ethernet wifi

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    Got a problem I cannot seem to solve. I need to communicate with a wifi router that is not itself directly connected to the computer in order to change its channel to improve overall signal quality for the two Wi-Fi routers I have and deconflict with a neighbor's Wi-Fi. The router I need to adjust is connected to the internet through the cable router. It is not directly connected to the computer - thus the Genie program won't talk to it. If I do wire directly to that wi-fi, the internet connection is lost (no cable port to wire it up, unfortunately) and the Genie program won't let me do anything either. So I need to know how to adjust a Wi-Fi router that is acting merely as a wireless antennae to a different router, rather than a direct connection to the internet.


    (Background info to save time)

    I have a very long house with a lot of metal in it. The Cable drop for internet is in the basement at one end. The cable router has a built in Wi-Fi serving half the house, to which I have (via a LONG cord) connected a second (NetGear) wifi router. Until recently, these have worked fine for the limited internet surfing we've done. This was necessitated by not having good signal at either end of the house if Wi-Fi was in the middle, or no signal at one end if Wi-Fi was left at one end of the house or the other. Thus, two Wi-Fi's.

    However - my son is now of an age he wants to play FPS games on the laptop; meaning he needs good ping. There is a conflict in the channels used by the two routers. The best band to use is channel 1, as my neighbor is not on that channel (He varies between 6 and 9, meaning channel 11 is sometimes occluded).

    I have tried wiring the Netgear to the computer, but without internet access (it has no cable port) it won't let me adjust the settings. I have tried 'jumping' wiring the internet port to port 1 and the computer to port 2 to 'trick' the router - that did not work (or I did it wrong).

    I know there has to be a way for me to change the Netgear to channel 11 so I can use channel 1 on the Arris for my son's computer to have a clearer signal... I just cannot figure this out.