Two problems, I don't know what to do.


Jul 11, 2002
First, my desktop pc takes forever to load Windows. I ran the memory test and it didn't find any issues. It's been loading for over 30 minutes now.

Second, I transplanted the desktop into a smaller case. I plugged everything back in where it was, and my 2tb storage drive is not showing up. This is one of three hard drives used for storage. It was accessible before the transplant. Checked the Disk Management and it shows that the drive is there, but will not let me assign a drive letter to it.

Any thoughts?
Feb 3, 2007
The drive is likely the issue remove it entirely and see if the system boots normally. If not then keep removing and replacing until you find the culprit.
If the MBR/GPT were corrupt it wouldn't boot at all. I once had a mouse that caused and issue like this and a USB external drive as well but it could be anything you have plugged in to your motherboard including a stick of memory.
Conversely you could boot the system with a minimum config meaning disconnect everything nonessential. Like PSU, CPU one stick memory boot drive, a PS2 keyboard if you have one and nothing else and try booting into windows. If no issues add one device at a time and try booting again until you find the culprit.


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Mar 1, 2014
As mentioned above, that storage drive is most likely slowing down your boot process.


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May 28, 2020
Sounds like "Maxtor syndrome" to me. I had a dead maxtor drive do the exact same things to one of my machines, I couldnt even get disk managment to open though, and when I opened it first then connected the SATA to the disk, the machine locked up :D

I would start by checking all your cables, maybe use the best looking one as your boot disk (if applicable), then try booting with no other drives installed.

Does your board have an onboard SAS controller?


Feb 21, 2020
Taco would like to add one other thong. I have an olde usb card reader, and when she's plugged in and I plug in my phone or external harddrive, I get all sorts of slow downs, such as uber ultra crawling write speeds or not copying or not recognizing other usb drives at all.

Once the usb card reader is disconnected, everything is back to nocturnal. The isb reader is ultra ancient sont card reader.