Twitch Extensions Brings New Widgets


Jun 22, 2008
480 unveiled a new feature for the site named Twitch Extensions. These extensions will allow any broadcaster to offer more "interactivity" in the streams. Tools in the extension provide extra widgets users can use to display important visual information and as well as other nonsense during live-streams. There are 20 extensions available for the more popular communities with more to follow. A breakdown and list of the first extensions can be found here.

Check it out in action (warning music maybe too loud and grating on the ears).

"If you have an idea, you can make it a reality right on Twitch. Our timeline for adding extensions is immediate -- the more interest from the community, the more extensions we'll have,"
I can see this being pretty useful. Although i question whether or not someone making extensions will make money doing it. Unless of course they are doing custom extensions.