TV-Out 9800pro issues - please help


Jan 11, 2004
I'm trying to set my parents computer to run TV Out so they can use it as their dvd player, and having done it before, I just can't figure out where I'm going wrong. The computer has a sapphire 9800pro, with a viewsonic 19" lcd connected via vga. The dvi port is not used. The 9-pin connector cable I have is from a Built By ATI 9800pro that was a card I used to use with tv-out, but it fits perfectly and I don't believe there should be an issue.

I'm connecting the cables to a Toshiba 32A35 ~27" tv via the video 1 ports. (I've tried both video 2 and 3 as well). The sound from the video card to the tv is working fine, so I don't suspect the issue being with the tv/cables there.

I have updated the video card to the latest drivers. I go into the Catalyst Control Center and attempt to detect displays, however it won't find the tv. I've attempted to use the Force TV Detection option, which then adds a tv to the list. I right click and select it to be cloned from main, and the monitor refreshes and asks me to save, however no picture ever displays on the tv.

I'm wondering if somehow the connector cable could be bad? (I haven't used it for about a year and a half) Is there a dvi-out type cable I could use, as opposed to the 9-pin connector? Or is there possibly another solution someone may know of?

Thanks for any help.