Turning a computer into a internet hub


Sep 15, 2004
Would it be possible to turn a small one gig celery into a hub/router with multiple NIC's?
I would also like to turn this into a small storage server running Teamspeak 2, I was just wondering if this was at all possible and what software I would need to do the multiple internet. This is because I have a spare computer but not enough $ to get a router, but enough for a NIC.
If your just hooking up one computer to you other computer for internet perposes you can put the other NIC in and tell the computer to share the Internet connection and tell the other computer to access the web from the Lan. SO basiccly Computer A has 2 nics one for the internet and another one for Computer B to be plugged in to A shares internet B access the internet from the LAN.
It might cause some lag with the computer with the 2 nics but theres only two ways to find out wait till some one replies who has done this or , two try it out.
Using linux this would be an almost lag free situation, if you're familiar with it. However using Windows and ICS, that's another story. How much RAM is in your celly?
Also, just in case.

Only Win2k and later have the ability to properly rn 2 NICs with 2 different IP schemes IIRC.

So if you go with a widnoes solution, there will be slowness.

My Win2k box used to be my gateway when i had a sattelite connection. But it is a P4 2.4 with a gig of dual channel RAM. There was still a little lag.

Routers are cheap nowadays, almost as cheap as NICs. Might be worth double checking.

Neweggg starts them at $23.99 + 3.99 shipping.
Im using a VIA EPIA CL6000E, running slackware. Works great with only 256MB for RAM. I don't notice much for lag at all myself.
I run a P2 with smoothwall as my router/firewall, and I notice virtually no lag.
Yeah, it has 256 megs of ram. Thanks for smoothwall suggestion, looks like I'm going to go that route. Time to learn linux.
I was also wondering if I would be able to run a teamspeak server and store files on it with that os/firewall.