Extremely [H]
Jan 28, 2014

Going to have a read through it during lunch.

Quick look confirms the FP32 TFLOP/s number I've been quoting of 14.2 on the 2080 Ti compared to the 13 and change going around the internet.

Also confirms that the SM is new for Turing, just keeping the advances made in Volta and adding to it. Won't have a chance to go through the details right now. Must get back to work!

Okay, one more for now. Looks like NVLink is simply there to allow higher resolution Surround configurations. No mention of memory pooling or the like. Using both NVLinks on 2080 Ti enables 8K Surround support, but it mentions this will not be available on release. 4K 144 Hz Surround and 5K 75 Hz will now be supported with SLI configurations due to the increased bandwidth. Looks like shared memory is only available to Quadros...
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