Trying to track down some RGB/ARGB fans for Tomahawk 450 Max


Oct 8, 2020
Hey guys, pretty confused about how to go about this with all the options and header differences. Not to mention everytime i find a solution its out of stock. :cry:
Im also happy to buy any hardware that would just give me ARGB/Whatever i need to make some of these fans work. ( Terminal ? )

I want ...

  • Dual ring
  • Cycle colors and patterns like a darkFlash Aurora DR12
  • Function in a 450 tomahawk max system, i dont care if i have to manually control the colors/patterns with extra controller/software
  • PWM would be preferred, but im ok manually changing speeds when gaming.
  • Move enough air to be more then just pretty ( going in a Phantek P400a )

Thanks for any help, this is really driving me nuts. :banghead:
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