trouble setting up network

Nov 7, 2003
so i bought a d-link wireless g pci adapter for my mom's computer and a netgear wireless g wireless router for my computer. i hook up the router to my pc and set my pc up to automatically obtain the IP address and the same with my mom's. well the power light is on on the router, the light shows that my computer is hooked up also. however, i cannot get the two pcs to communicate--i canot see each other in the network neighborhood.

on my mom's computer, i have the pci-card installed and it says that signal strength is excellent (small house) so i assume that would be working but the connection seems to disconnect every 10 seconds.

btw i don't actually have the internet. i will be getting broadband soon but i just wanted to toy around with this stuff to see if the two computers could be linked with my limited knowledge.

Router is set to DHCP.

any suggestions?
flaversaver is on the right track. First and foremost make sure that both of the computers are on the same workgroup. Be absolutely certain that when you go into the router, that it recognizes both computers on DHCP [you may have to refresh the DCHP table if that's the case]. Again make sure you can ping the other's IP address, if you can do that then it's probably just a matter of being on the same work group and having File Sharing enabled.
start/run/ type "cmd" then type "ping' and the ip addy u want to ping
Also what OS are the machines running. Make both computers on the same workgroup...Then Enable file sharing and wala :)
both xp pro and i got everything working :) played doom coop with a buddy when i got it working (last night). thanks guys!