Triple booting an iMac


Jan 31, 2006
Heres the deal:

I would like to triple boot into OS X/ubuntu/XP so I have a computer to experiment with. The problem is, I haven't had any luck. I tried bootcamp, but that requires 10.4+ and I only have 10.3. Is there a [free] way to upgrade into 10.4? If so, that solves my problem and I can use bootcamp.

If not, I am assuming the easiest path would be to format into 3 partitions and install the 3 OS's to their respective partition. The only problem there is, I dont know how to get at Mac BIOS. This is the 1st mac ive ever had so im a bit of a newb. Is this the best course of action or is there an easier way to do that?

Also, I want to get the XP from a Ghost image deployed by a ghostcast server. Is there a way to get it to go onto a specific partition? How do i PXE boot the mac? Thanks guys.
ok, is there any way to find an older version or run it in some sort of compatibility mode on 10.3?
You know to boot XP you need an Intel Mac right? If you have 10.3 though it means you *do not have an Intel Mac* as pre 10.4.x(forget I think .6), OS X was not available on Intel in retail form on any Mac computers.

You can dual boot with Ubuntu provided you download the official 7.04 PowerPC distro, as PPC is not officially supported in 7.10 which will be out on thursday.

I'm afraid your booting of XP is impossible, but you can boot Ubuntu with OS X, although it is a bit difficult.
well i guess i've got a mac workstation now. too bad about XP

If you really need to run xp you can run virtual pc for mac and run xp through it. This will not work for games but for a business app or something it should do ok.