Tower Defense?


Apr 9, 2000
My girl has been playing Field Runners constantly on her Asus Transformer and was wondering what other Tower Defense games are worth checking out on the Android OS?

We may get an iPad Mini eventually this year, but she has an Android phone and Tablet already.
Try Tower Defense on the Google play store (that's the games name). Also Radiant defense . Been playing them both
I've recently been playing Royal Revolt. It's a reverse tower defense game that's pretty addictive.
Defender and Defender II

Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 (need to buy the paid version, but it is worth it)

Zombie Evil

Dragon Warcraft

Jelly Defense (not free)

Lair Defense : Dungeon and Lair Defense: Shrine

Towers N' Trolls

Grave Defense HD and Grave Defense Silver (few other Grave Defense games as well)

Cartoon Defense (there are a few different ones.. quite fun)
I didn't realize bloons was on the store. Definitely getting that one for her! She has been playing Fieldrunners way too much the last few days on her time off.
I've probably played them all, and I'd say Kingdom Rush stands on the top.

There's also another high quality game called Dungeon Defenders.
Defender II
Lair Defense : Dungeon
Lair Defense: Shrine

There's also another high quality game called Dungeon Defenders.

Defender isn't worth getting if you're going to get Defender II (same game, better options)

Lair Defense (both) are worth getting

Dungeon Defenders on PC is a fantastic couch co-op Tower Defense / FPS / Action RPG game (highly recommend checking it out, get it on Steam), but I've not seen a version on android (checking the playstore just now showed no games called Dungeon Defenders)...

I'd also highly recommend you get Fieldrunners 2, also on Steam...

If you get either one, PM me your steam info :)
Thanks. She seems to only want to game on her Android Tablet. Though I will be checking some of these out for my PC. I spent the weekend playing bloons TD5 on one monitor while working on the other.
Personally my favorite is hexdefense, I also liked robodefense.
+ 1 for kingdom rush.

I also like Crystal Defender, Defender Chronicles, and my personal Favorite dofus.....................I have an iTelaphone so no clue if these are on android
what about plants vs zombies? It's not strictly tower defense - but definitely in the same vein. Very very very fun for a phone game.