Touchscreen recommendations?


Limp Gawd
Jun 15, 2006
So I need a touchscreen monitor for a jukebox/digital picture frame project I am redoing.

I previously had this setup and the 27" TV I had doing this croaked. I had used a 3M overlay to make this all work and it did ok but wasn't super responsive.

Now that I need to change this out and get it going again I am looking around (thanks to Windows 8 prompting more TS monitors being produced) at a dedicated touchscreen monitor for this job.

Some minor requirements

Touch must work well as this is used for JRiver Media jukebox functionality and it needs to be responsive but not overly sensitive

Screen must be able to hang on the wall.

2 HDMI inputs would be nice (but at least 1 HDMI and 1 DVI required as I do hook DTV to the other input for special events to play on this screen (like the Super Bowl))

Built in speakers would also be nice but not 100% necessary

So what works best in the 23-27" size range?

I also not against an All-in-One unit that I can hang on the wall as I will most likely use a separate Intel NUC to run this project.

Thanks in advance



Sep 14, 2009
The models I have liked and have VESA mounting are HP 23tm or the Dell P2314T.

The P2314T has two hdmi ports but no speakers, 23tm has dvi, hdmi and speakers no idea how good/bad the speakers are though.