Time Warner Oceanic (Hawaii)


May 15, 2003
has anyone here ever dealt with these guys?

my company has some accounts with them for some of our equipment, and it is currently set up on a DHCP address. we are already paying for a static IP on these accounts, we just have to call them to have the static IP's activated.

problem is, the equipment that we have connected there currently is set up on a DHCP connection, and when we setup a static IP address & disable the DHCP client on the router, then have them set it to "static mode", our router doesn't pick up on the static IP. they can see the modem afterwards (ZyXel P974H), but they no longer see anything active on the LAN side. i have done this many, many times at other locations on other ISP's, and it almost always works without fail, and i have triple-checked that the IP address info i'm entering on our router is correct (according to what they've given me).

i want to have them set the modem to "static mode", but then turn on the modem's DHCP server as well, so that our router can pull a private IP address and come online, then we can tap in via a VPN connection and change the router from DHCP to static, but they're trying to tell me that the modem is either static or DHCP, and i don't think they quite understand exactly what it is i'm trying to accomplish. i don't want DHCP on the server-side enabled, i want DHCP on the modem itself enabled.