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Jan 29, 2005
I've been using my Hitachi CM823F for far too long now. Bought it in 2001, and it has served me well through two good desktops, and still works quite well and looks as great as I ever remember it looking (except for the times my wife turns the brightness to 0). But reading about all these nice new flashy 24" LCD's, I think it's time to retire this old beast of a monitor.

Most of the time I spend on my home computer is surfing the net. And while I spend a good amount of time in photo libraries, or working with home videos, or maybe some encoding of non-home ones, I'm not a photoshop guru or videophile. I also play PC games from time to time and intend to hook my xbox up to whatever new display I purchase so my wife can use the TV while I am gaming. The xbox might actually become a significant use of this new display.

I know TN panels are known to be the best for gaming due to their low refresh rates, but I'd like a good combination of low refresh rate and good color/text quality, not just cheap and fast.

Don't really have a budget, I prefer more to pick what I want then save for it and buy it. But I will say $3k for a monitor is ridiculous to me. I'd love to have a badass 30" display, but they are so very expensive, and the $300-600 displays seem to be of much better value. Maybe later on I'll get some ridiculous displays.

Note that I've got a pair of HP LP2065's at work and am quite happy with them (from a working perspective) minus the lack of wide screen.

So I'm looking at the HP LP2475w and the NEC EA231WMi.

What I've noticed is that the HP costs about $200 more but has a lower response time and 1920x1200 rather than 1920x1080. I really don't want 16x9 but will succumb to it if the display really is of better quality and lower price (with hopes of my badass 30"ers in the future)

Recommendations? Thoughts? Keep the CM823F FTW?


Aug 31, 2009

A 25.5" NEC LCD2690WUXi, factory-refurbished, can be had for about 700 bucks.

They are the IPS ones with the highly coveted A-TW Polarizer, which reduces white glow at certain angles.

Below are the specs.

So, with it's superior panel, larger than 24" size, and larger aspect ratio (16:10), you may even cease to long for a 30".

Here's one from an eBay seller with a perfect selling history, for $695, plus shipping, no tax, which has one stuck pixel in an out-of-the-way area. I mean, even if a factory New one was available (discontinued or current), it could still have a stuck pixel or more in the center area.


Peace to you,
C. Livingstone

PS: I'm guessing that between the DVI-D and the DVI-I, that an Xbox would NOT present a connection problem, with an adapter, if need be. But I'm not a gamer.

"LCD2690WUXi-BK - estimate of $1750
A-TW-IPS Panel
800:1 contrast
12 ms response
400 cd/m2
4 year warranty
Height, swivel, pivot adjustments
Optional Soundbar
92% coverage of adobe color gamut.
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