Time for a New Main Rig

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Jun 25, 2003
Howdy folks!

Starting a new main rig build. Had to give up my old rig back in 2018 and am now at the point where I can start building a new rig to replace it. This'll be a slow build as I am only able to afford one or two components per month. Goal is to have the system completely built by Christmas this year. Already have monitor, keyboard, mouse and 6TB of M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3 storage so I'm set there. Only need motherboard, processor, RAM, PSU and liquid cooling which I'm going to custom build from various parts.

Regarding liquid cooling, I haven't had, besides my current laptop, an air cooled system since roughly 2006. I prefer to assemble a liquid cooling system from proven parts from various manufacturers. The system will have two separate loops: one for processor and the other for the graphics card.

First step, in my opinion, is to start with a good, solid chassis. Since I prefer flat chassis I went with the Thermaltake P200 Pedestal chassis. Chassis checks every point of my needs and then some. Chassis is stackable which puts a few more ideas in my head. Maybe liquid cooling in bottom chassis and build in top? Who knows at this point.

Ordered today. Should, according to Amazon, arrive by March 10.


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Are you planning on doing modifications to that chassis to accept a motherboard? The P200 Pedestal is an add-on for the W200 chassis and not designed to be a standalone case. Just trying to picture the end goal here :)
As an Amazon Associate, HardForum may earn from qualifying purchases.
Reaching out to Thermaltake to see if they have a horizontal offering to fi the base considering the issue with graphics card droop

Will keep you all up to date
Locking this as I've had to blow money on a new laptop since my old Acer bit the dust.

Will reopen once next piece is purchased.
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