Three Unmanned Systems Companies to Watch at Xponential 2016

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    With the exploding popularity of robots, drones and other unmanned systems, there are few better places to see the latest in autonomous technology than at Xponential, the world’s premier gathering of the people who design and build it. NVIDIA is at this week’s conference in force, showcasing our Jetson TX1 embedded platform in booth 1231 and hosting several times a day a session covering deep learning and onboard artificial intelligence with the TX1.

    Among the more than 8,000 attendees from 55 countries worldwide at the New Orleans show is a long list of exhibitors and attendees who use our Jetson tech in their autonomous vehicles and systems. Heading up the list are three amazing companies that just made a splash last month at our GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley.
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    Jan 14, 2005
    Now this is really cool for what it could be in the near future with some tweaking!
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    Apr 28, 2012
    i said about 10 years ago it wouldn't be long till you are watched soon as you walk out the door by a drone. just wait till you get probation and you have to have one follow you.
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    As a Inspire1 Owner. a drone with all the high end tech means shit is the camera sucks. what drone owners top priority is if the camera is any good.