Three Dead Zed - Steam Greenlight and Xbox


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 6, 2004
Hey everyone,

Some of you may already know that I'm part of the development team that made a game called Three Dead Zed. We just did an update to the game adding a bunch of features based on feedback from the previous release. We're currently on Steam's Greenlight and we would appreciate your time and consideration for an up vote.

I'm a huge fan of Hardocp and as you can see, I have been a member on this forum for a long time. When we first released our game, I wasn't really sure how to get people to notice our game. Still don't! ;) I think I'm getting better, and I am so thankful for Kyle allowing me to post the news on the forums. Because of this, I made a challenge stage inspired by Hardocp's logo.


I had to take a lot of liberties to make sure the stage could be playable, hence the "It's not really the logo...but I can see the inspiration" look of it all. It is also more of an Easter egg because, in the game, you never actually see the layout. Since Hardocp obviously has "thing" with computers ;), the stage even has you smashing a server to escape. Plus it is a Hard stage to complete.


Anyway! Thanks for your time and hope you all like the changes we did on this game.
I can appreciate a local doing good stuff like this. +1 yes vote.
You got my vote. I love this game. Crazy fun and addicitive!
Thanks Boss and Climber. Climber - I think you're going to like all the updates :) It's truly a night and day approach from what we first released.