The Silverstone Lascala LC11


Limp Gawd
Nov 25, 2005
I was wondering if this case is any good, cause it's very good looking :) I know it's a HTPC case, but oh so cute. Also, it's said to be incompatible with quite many mobos, so I was wondering if anyone knew an OK mATX board to go with it? The pricelimit for mobo is 200$, no more, but preferably less...

Does it even work with gaming parts? I've got a 7900GT, AMD Opteron 170 to come, and 2x1024 DDR500 Corsair TwinX memory.

Can it fit a normal size PSU? About 140mm I think the one I'm going to buy is... But it's modular cables, so it's 160mm or something.