The NZXT Gallery

Looks nice and clean. Looks way nicer with the black interior and I like those white cpu 12v extensions as well.

edit: here's one I took but didn't post.. with the flash you can see into that smoked cover a lot better.


I put some carbon fiber sticker on my DVD drives to blacken them out since I took this one..
Looks good dude. Zalman heatsink?

I think my next upgrade, besides a couple more cables, will be a corsair H60 or H70 liquid heatsink. They look sexy and I have always trusted corsair.
Yeah it's the CNPS9900LED one... there's another one before this model that was pretty loud but this one is very quiet with PWM controlled RPM.. I have always like zalman sinks.. they get dust in the fins pretty easily but you can swab it out with a q-tip pretty easily also.

I like the idea of the Corsair H50/70 series coolers and been wanting to try one eventually.. I know people like them a lot. Maybe for the gaming rig rebuilt this winter who knows. ;)
After seeing some guys on another forum do it I removed the smaller hard drive bay since I don't use it. I also added a 140mm to the front and dropped a fan in the bottom where the cage was. Wish the holes were big enough to screw the fan in but whatever.

Technically this fits ;)

Best fan controller I've laid eyes on, simple, and wicked. And if 5 fans isn't enough for someone, they need to relax a little with the airflow.

Could use some black sata cables, and some better wire mesh, but it;s a shitty PSU and not worth the effort.


I have an NZXT H2 being delivered tomorrow :D will post pics here when it's all done and completed.
Very nice! I have the NZXT Sentry 2 touch screen fan controller. It's amazing, reads out my temps for me and everything. Love it.
sweet.... if you get one of those bazooka length video cards you're in like flynn with that case. :cool:
heh yeah thats a 6950, so its not small by any means and it obviously has room to grow :D

if I hadnt mounted the radiator like I did(if case was 1/2 inch taller I could have put it inside) I could use the handle that comes with it
I love that case, I just wish it came with a side window. Mod? =P
No side window but it could use a little cable management. Lots of room for it in the H2.
No side window but it could use a little cable management. Lots of room for it in the H2.

That's the best I could do with the cables really, the other side of the case is rammed. It's not as big as people think. Having a fan in the bottom and 2 graphics card, one being huge, really fucks up the cabling. Also the power cables on the OCZ ZX series are quite stiff, hard to bend.
got the white and the 750w PSU white as well, will get some pics when i can,

Georgous case! i love this no name companies or bad companies that come out of no where with quality items.
Actually NZXT isn't terribly unheard of, and they certainly aren't a bad company by any means. They have started making some other stuff too, and well, their quality seems so far so good. I'm a fan.
I had never heard of them until recent, and past reviews of their PSU were far from great from the "few" i did read...

i got to keep up in the market
I had seen their cases around for a few years but never had the urge to try one... I got the M59 when I decided to build a whole new machine rather than have my 24/7 box offline while I moved new parts into it... I wanted something inexpensive but nice (don't we all?)... I'm really happy with the M59. It's smaller than the HAF922 which the old machine was in but everything fit nicely. My only complaint now is the USB ports on the front seemed to have stopped working... which is a bummer but not a show stopper as I usually use the hub on my desk...
^^ Nice nice.

I think if one builds enough computers, chances are they're going to get a bummer one one or another, like your USB port.

My apollo is still going strong, and I've put it through some crap with the amount of taking apart and putting together I've done. As well as my painting of the inside.
Nice. Yeah if when i finally do upgrade cases I'm tossed between this phantom (in black) and a corsair 650D. I love the
I'm definitely liking all the white components and builds I have seen lately. :)
Those damn inflexible Tagan cables... I had one (ePower but that's a Tagan and had those same cables) and struggled to hide them in my LianLi v1000... You did a good job of hiding stuff though, I think. :)
Did this one for a customer...

i7 970
Rampage III Black Edition
24gb Dominator RAM
256gb OCZ SSD
Raid 5 Fujitsu 2tb drives
6950 (he has 2 more of them but is on the fence)
2 x Blu Ray drives
NZXT 1000w

Also, that Vulcan case is bad ass.
my nzxt vulcan

Dude that is probably the cleanest most BA vulcan I've seen. Those cases are HARD to manage cables from what I have read, and that's about as clean as the inside of a 650D. :eek:

Mind perhaps sharing how you managed to do it? :rolleyes:
Agreed. Nvidia fans will love these.

Hence why I like

Too bad I prefer everything black, blue and white. :D

If they came out with a phantom with a blue strip I would be ALL over it like white on rice.
Also I am thinking about removing my 3.5 inch bay, I don't use it for ANYTHING so I might as well get rid of it for some air flow.
^ Yeah I may do that actually, that and mod for a side panel window.
i wrnt with this baby, the wife actually choose it, liked it because it looked like a space ship

Haha that's funny you should mention that, one of the reason I ended up going with the Phantom over a Silverstone Raven is due to my gf's input. I can't wait to get all the parts for it (waiting for nice black friday deals and hopefully bd). How is that power supply by the way? I've been looking around for a nice modular power supply at around 600-700 watts.