the g4 MDD case to mod


Apr 29, 2002
got a g4 MDD case on ebay and am planning conversion to pc. i have looked at almost all the other g4 mods so i have a pretty good idea of what i need to do. however i do have some things that must be put in the case.

1. full atx motherboard
2. dvd-rw that has to use the front drive doors (what good are the drive doors if you dont use them. they are so cool)
3.power supply must also be in case (which is a given i guess)
4. all 4 memory slots of the motherboard must be useable

some things to keep in mind of the mod.

1. front panel must not be replaced.
2.the mirrored drive door stays.
3. must be made to take a variety of full atx motherbords (not everyone out there but most)
4. motherboard not to be modded in anyway like moving the capaciters etc, or removing the ports of the motherboard. (motherboards are expensive, i need the warrenty)

and thats it just the 8 points that i must have in this case mod, so does anyone have any advise on how this could be accomplished because as far as i see the current g4 mods, none of them can fullfill all of the criteria at the same time.

any ideas welcome
not sure it can be done. The G4 motherboard doesn't layout like ATX boards. The way the optical bracket lays, you're gonna hit a memory slot or a cap at some point.

Might have to go uATX for that one