The Five Biggest Problems With Fallout 4


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 1, 2004
Forbes had negstive articles on fo4 before the game even came out.

These are my gripes
A. Would love more music
B. Would love more time to play
C. Bugs are funny nothing bad so far except infinite caps ammo glitch
D. Facial graphics are dated for talking
E. A bit of over dependancy on key perks for builds due to lvl 9 stat requirements for rooted and blitz. I would of moved those to 6 or 5.


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 16, 2005
Maybe this is a generational thing or configuration thing ... I don't find the graphics to be substandard or to pull me out of the game (but maybe it is just my 51 year old eyes vs the ones of a 20 year old) ... for bugs I haven't played that long yet but haven't encountered any significant bugs ... I can't judge the conversations as I haven't played long enough ... for the combat FO will never be a TB game again so that crowd should just move on (since everyone likes to compare FO to Witcher 3, does it have turn based combat) ... and the more of the same quote is always a catch 22 (Diablo 3 changed up stuff from D2 and everybody screamed bloody murder ... FO4 is mostly the same and people scream bloody murder ... for the sequel franchises you are rarely going to see a Sea Change as the point of the sequel is often to leverage the previous games successful element and not change them willy nilly)

Ultimately I think that just as War Never Changes, so too does the gamer's ability to complain about their games ... you can never please 100% of the gamers and so far I, for one, am pretty pleased with FO4

A lot of this.

I'm quite pleased with the PS4 rendition so far.


[H]F Junkie
Jun 12, 2012
I don't understand all the crap that is said about the graphics. It's a huge leap forward from Fallout3/NV, and even Skyrim. And at some place I'm even amazed how good it is.

And if the game wasn't more of the same, than that would be listed as the biggest problem with it. You can't please everyone.

The only thing I agree with is the VATS, it's crap as it is, completely unnecessary, and useless, and I've already put a lot of points on VATS perks, and only finding out now that it's better to just shoot without VATS, you'll hit more often.


Limp Gawd
Jan 4, 2011
to be honest, it looks better than i thought it would (came in with low expectations and running it at 4k though).

compared to FO3's launch, its virtually bug free. FO3 was such a shit fest.

the only thing is, i played the crap out of FO3, and FO4 already feels pretty damn familiar with regards to gameplay. this is both good and bad.