The connection is interrupted


Jan 8, 2024
Hi! I need your help. Used to use AnyDesk to connect to a remote computer but it got hit by cyberattacks and stopped working. So, I switched to Teamviewer. But now, I'm having the same problem – keeps interrupting with that "TeamViewer timeout" message.
Checked my internet connection, and it's all good. Any idea what's going on? Also, what alternatives do you use for remote connections?
I will be grateful for your help.
From what I understand, AnyDesk seems to be up and running now.
Regarding the Teamviewer message, it's likely indicating that you've hit the usage limit. Teamviewer offers a free version for non-commercial use, but it does come with certain restrictions. Exceeding these limits can result in interrupted connections. If you're looking for alternatives, and prefer something free, you might consider the built-in Windows remote desktop software if you're using Windows on both computers. It's a decent option, though setting up a connection might be a bit more involved compared to TeamViewer. Alternatively, there's which is free and doesn't have any usage limits
I ditched TeamViewer years ago because they all of a sudden started limiting my usage thinking it was for commercial instead of personal. All for the sake of trying to get me to pay for their subscription. Wen to Chrome Remote Desktop instead. Now for LAN/local PCs only I still use TeamViewer set in LAN only mode,
what are you trying to do? just remote desktop or remote support with someone on the other end?
Secure VPN on both computers and good ol' Windows RDP. Bonus points for Apache Guacamole which works awesome for RDP in a browser window and also supports VNC & SSH connections.

Chrome Remote Desktop could be considered as well.