The ARPG(s) to get on Playstation (5)?


Jul 20, 2015
I loved Diablo 3 on my old PS4 Pro, it was actually more fun on PS than PC. But I find the game outdated and visuals too old.
Diablo 2 RE is interesting, but I hated it on PC. I might give it a try on the console. Couch gaming is slower.

Just picked up Warhammer Martyr and the game is okay. Just very confusing with new stats. I don't know what most of the stats are as they don't use your typical naming scheme in ARPG.
I gave Path of Exile a try but I hated it on PC and I hate it on Playstation.
Torchlight 3 and Warhammer Chaosbane are both on 75% discount. Worth picking up? Or should I wait on Black Friday and meanwhile play Martyr and then get Diablo 2/3 combo pack?

On a side note. I tried Destiny 2. Not a big fan of shooters on a console. I have a fairly powerful 4k gaming PC and have Destiny 2, The Division 2 and Borderlands 3 on the PC. But I'm open for FPS on PS as long as they are good. Maybe Outriders?
What else is there on console to saturate my ARPG need? Class specific ARPGs only, so games like Hades don't interest me. And newer games that look good enough. I didn't get PS5 to play games from PS3 era :)