Thanks for DCing


Feb 28, 2007
The title pretty much says it all as far as I'm concerned. ;)

Thanks to all the DCers out there for helping the medical professionals find cures to improve the health of the unfortunate human victims of some very !@#$% up diseases. (!@#$% is shorthand for "fugged up") :p

I'm only one of the fortunate and grateful individuals that is dealing with todays wonderful medical professionals. I feel fortunate and very grateful I've been able to lead a semi normal life (some of the worst and IMHO least qualified medical professionals I've dealt with were in the US VA :eek:, but that has improved over time) Everything is better healthwise with me as long as I take my meds, stay with the right diet, get plenty of rest, exercise a little and not do any strenous activities (I'm basically lazy anyway :rolleyes:) I have been shot, I have been stabbed several times (once with a large metal beer can opener, in the hands of some people "church keys" can be very dangerous). I've had several major operations resulting in having part of my left lung removed, my spleen removed, some minor brain surgery of both brain cells. The doctors drilled a hole in my head to stop internal bleeding. In the proccess of having a lung worked on part of my rib was removed. Through all that and having several broken bones (most of my fingers) and stitches from cuts, etc (ie, I cut my arm deeply one time on a piece of glass while diving into the water at a boat dock, requiring about 20 stitches :rolleyes:) I can honestly say the world has some "dynamite" medical peeps :cool:

Not being a medical professional (ie, doctor, nurse, work in a hospital, etc) or being remotely connected to the medical field (producers of medical equipment and drugs) DCing is my small way of to pay back for some of the wonderful medical treatment I've had in my past and that I'm recieving ATM ;)

Like many, I've lost some loved ones to the diseases we're all trying to help find a cure for by DCing. I wanted to thank every DCer and especially the DCers on the mighty [H]orde :p.

DCing for the CURE


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - August 2008
Dec 27, 2005
No thanks needed! I've had family members effected by some of the diseases and consider my efforts a way to give back and hopefully leave this place a bit better than I found it.

Also... Just keep me off the F@H forums... :) I swear I need to setup my firewall to block that site... oh wait then I might not get work units... LOL...


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Dec 13, 2005
So its still a pretty hostile environment over there even with you know who gone?


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Aug 29, 2001
@ jws2346, as Sunin said, no thanks needed. We all have our reasons. The goals is all the same.

I've very happy to see such results that we have had in the last few months. My best hope was that we see something like that in a few years.

Fold on!

BTW, why would you go anywhere else for folding info? There are trolls out there, big ugly ones.


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Oct 12, 2004
So its still a pretty hostile environment over there even with you know who gone?

The hostile element is precisely the you know who :p

However, Vijay just asked me to give my grain of salt in the thread as a attempt to listen to donors. All I know is that he's now really open to overhaul the benchmarking system to iron out inequities ;)

Sunin, just let me know if you want me to say or do something over on the FCF jungle ;)

And, like others said, i don't need to hear a thank you because we all fold for a reason or another. I love our community and I will help within my powers to make it even better.


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Dec 12, 2005
we all fold for a reason or another
I fold because I enjoy managing multiple systems and the more systems I manage, the more fun it is. Does this make any sense? I can't really say I am fighting for humanity because I've been project hopping a lot lately and most of the hoping has been in the mathematical arena. I'm not really a points monger like some although I do try to maximize my systems as much as possible.