Tesla Rival Nio Causes Traffic Jam as Software Upgrade Incapacitates Smart Car

Besides the stupidity of allowing updates while car is in motion (instead of limiting it to say parking / charging mode only) - the doors and locks thing isn't new.

My Aunt had a IIRC late 80s or 90s BMW and when the electrics went out (battery or alt died), the same thing happened. Doors could open if they were unlocked but if you had auto locking set up (after shifting from park to drive) you were basically screwed. This happened in Bangkok where the temps are crazy bullcrap hot too, so she was stuck in a car with dead electrics with no open windows and couldn't open doors ... not good.

What? I've owned two different '99 BMWs (a 328 and a 540), a 2003 (X3), and my current car is a 2012 (135). They've all had the same central locking system that has been in BMWs for ages. If the doors are locked - you just pull the door handle twice and it lets you out!
This happened back in 80s/90s with a Thailand domestic market BMW (this didn't just happen now in 2019 driving an old BMW). I was still young and not a car guy yet so I don't remember all the details but that's what it was. I remember it was a new model (at the time) that just came out. Plus, keep in mind, she's a typical lady driver / didn't RTM and maybe she didn't know about the 2 tugs and it opens (Hell I sure didn't know that).