Tesla Model S "Spontaneously" Erupts

Guarana [BAWLS]

Oct 3, 2001
Man... the entire pussification of today's modern society is astounding...

Yeah it sucks that stuff catches fire, people die, blah blah blah... but its like everyone has simultaneously forgotten the ugly 110 year history of ICE automobiles. At multiple points in history, vehicle engines have been notorious for starting fires and killing people, especially during times when performance or better emission standards have been pushed. Internal combustion engines catch fire all the freaking time, and people die in them all the time because upholstery and plastics burn like no tomorrow... speaking of which - if you have a car with snazzy heated seats, guess what is at risk of catching on fire...

My 2012 Chevy Cruze had a service recall not more than 2 months after I bought it brand new because they were catching fire after oil changes... the under-body pan was engineered a couple inches too close to the oil plug, and when the oil was being changed a bunch of it was caught by the pan and was being ignited by the catalytic converter, so the under-body pan around the oil plug had to be cut back to prevent oil from getting caught in there. Which reminds me - NEVER park in tall dry grass... Catalytic converters operate between 900-1300F (the exterior of these things get HOT) and will cause dry grass to spontaneously combust which has caused multiple car fires in of itself when an unaware driver simply pulls off to the side of the road for whatever reason.

Oil itself has a flashpoint of 350F+ depending on the type. Stoichiometric combustion produces temps of 2500F... Combustion engines get HOT... the damn thing is a fire waiting to happen chock full of safety mechanisms to keep it from happening.

I swear... I hear about every single freaking Tesla fire, but nobody ever mentions how many ICE vehicles catch fire on a daily basis. I am tired of hearing about Tesla fires... YES they happen, YES they are hard to put out, but once a vehicle is on fire, the ignition source is a moot point, the whole damn thing is going up in flames regardless of how it started because of all the combustibles in these things.
This happened a few hours ago, and its not a Tesla:

Seriously, if automobiles were invented today, they would be outright banned because they would be considered "too dangerous".
I mean, did everyone forget about the Pinto? I mean... The gas-powered grenade on wheels?

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