Temps rising?


Aug 29, 2001
I've been running a Koolance Exos-LT system on my Computer for a few years now and over the past couple weeks, I've seen an increase in the avg temps during use. I used to run about 30C, but now its right around 35C mark all the time with it getting as warm as 39C, depending on if I'm gaming and ambent temp in my office (AC on or off).

I've never changed out the coolant in it and my water block seems to be attached fine to my CPU and I blew all the dust out of my desktop and the EXOS external reservoir, but still no change in the temps.

Short of draining and refilling the coolant, any other suggestions?


Fisting is Too Mainstream for Me
Oct 18, 2004
Well, yes, a good general overhaul after a couple of years to be on the safe side.
Who knows, maybe you have a corrosion so bad that it corroded all the internal fins of the block.

Also did you move your case recently? If you did, maybe the bond of thermal paste might've suffered