Temperature monitoring


Jul 10, 2004
After upgrading my bios, I think temps seem more normal now. (41c for system and 46c for cpu) However, I did notice in the bios they have an option for smartcpu fan target. I could set a value in here to have it determine the fans speed, or I could let CoreCell do it. My only reason for not having CoreCell do it is, I don't think it detects the right temperature. It currently says my system is 32c and cpu is 42c. It is always those temps, plus or minus a few degrees. Even after hours of gaming.

I could believe the cpu temp, but there is no way my system is 32c. I am using plain old aircooling - retail HSF, two front fans, and one rear. It also is in an un-airconditioned room so I know it is warmer. There isn't an update for CoreCell, so I don't know what to do. Right now, CoreCell is just controlling CPU and Northbridge fan speeds, I have Cool n Quiet turned off. What can I do? I don't have a temperature probe.
so your saying the ambient temperature of the air in your case is 105.8F degrees (41C) and you believe that is more accurate than 89.6F (32C) ?

My SYS temp is currently 30C
But the temperature never seems to move. The cpu one does, but my system temp is always right around 32c. And if it is ok, then why is there a discrepancy between CoreCell and the bios?

And does anyone have a recommendation for Corecell or the smartfan in bios? Will having them both on cause problems? I think the bios only changes the CPU fan speed, whereas CoreCell changes CPU and Northbridge fans.
Ok, I was just talking with a buddy and he told me our temperature is measured in Fahrenheit, no celsius. So I was thinking that 32c would be like freezing, when actually its about 89F. So doing the conversion, that means my processor is operating at 107F? That sounds too high! What is normal operating temp versus frying point?

I dont mean to freak out, it just sounds like that sucker is on fire!
well if your room ambient doesnt change much neither will your SYS temp
keep in mind thats just a single location on the mobo somewhere

as afr as the difference goes, Id try to determine if they are two different sensors being read or a single one, if the CoreCell is more accurate, you have a serious problem with the air temperature in the case and need to address it

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Junk that CoreCell, it's crap.
Try setting the bios Smart Fan at 50c and you'll be fine.
You can also use SpeedFan to monitor your fan speeds and make adjustments too

SpeedFan 4.15
I use a thermal probe to measure temps and im getting 39c idle 48c load with my overclock @ 2.55Ghz 1.65v. Case temp is somewhere around 30c with my ambient air temp in my room being 24c. Having an overclocked 6800GT keeps the case warmer too! ;)

Oh, and the 1.2 bios undervolts your CPU by 0.05 so that will drop temps too, even if you set the volts as the same as 1.1. I switched back to 1.1 because of this.
Ok, just to double check. The bios smart fan regulates the cpu fan, and will kick up the speed if it hits 50c and drop it if its below that? I really am unsure what types of temps are normal for my system, because I never really cared before on previous computers. But this system has to last, and I don't want to burn it out. Right now, with fans at full speed my cpu reads 40c and my sys reads 33c. Is this about right? I have 3 case fans (2 front, 1 rear), and running everything stock.

As for your programs, I will definitely ditch CoreCenter then, and try out that Speedfan. Again, I am not sure what temps to shoot for, so I probably will have questions for that program. Is there anywhere that lists normal temperature for Athlon64 chips? I am unsure how hot these can get before it destroys the cpu. I don't know if these are hotter like Prescotts, but have higher max temps. Can someone lend me guidance?
I forgot to ask about the undervolting. Does that affect how much the processor can do? Like, it can't use full potential because it doesn't have enough juice? I am very new to cooling and voltages. if you hadn't noticed :D
After tinkering around with Speedfan, I figured out most of the settings. The main one I am unsure of is Temperature: Desired vs Warning. I currently run these settings:

CPU temp desired: 43 warning: 53
NB temp desired: 41 warning: 50
SYS temp desired: 41 warning: 50
Hard Drive - I wan't sure on this one, but mine is supported. Currently 40 desire, 50 warn.

I have my processor drop down to 2400 RPM (40%) at idle, and max at 100%.
I have my northbridge drop to 5625 RPM (85%), because any lower and the speed goes beserk. It jumps to like 17000.

Everything else was pretty self explanatory, I think I got it right. If any of these settings seem wrong, please correct me. Otherwise I will leave as is. BTW I got rid of CoreCell and I decided not to use the bios smartfan. I figured this program will do that for me! Thank you for your help, you have helped greatly!