Tell me what you think of the Viewsonic G220f (21" CRT)

May 24, 2002
How does this compare to the NEC/Mitsubishi FP models? The price is a little less but I hate to say it....I don't like black cabinets and this comes in a white/beige... That's not my only concern though, I really want a monitor that I will be happy with. I need some honest feedback on how this unit compares with the NEC/Mitsu models. Anyone used both and care to comment? Even if you haven't, I want to hear what you have to say.

Its a good buy. Having a black monitor isnt a bad thing. My old one was beige, my new one is black. So what?

Anyway, the FP series is far more powerful. If you dont need the power, then the G220 should serve you well.
2048x1536@85Hz powerful.

The G220 can only do 2048x1536@68Hz. Resolution power.

For reference, it can do 1280x1024@120Hz. Thats powerful. The G220 would be stretched to even attempt 100Hz at that same resolution. Get what I mean?
I see. So, what exactly would I need all that power for. I do like gaming with all the eye that the reason?
1600x1200@100Hz without breaking a sweat. Thats why. You can have vsync on too, and it wont slow you down. Most games max out at 100FPS anyway.