[Team.AU] Gigabyte X58-UD5, 3GB Corsair 1866MHz CAS8, Core i7 920 Testing thread


Sep 1, 2005
G'day fellas

It's been a while since i visited Hard forum. Time for some new exciting and fresh silicone torture sessions to begin which i want to share with you fellas. :D

What's getting tortured......

Test Configuration:

  • [*]Gigabyte X58-UD5 F2/F4E bios so far
    [*]Intel Core i7 920 retail chip 3837A899
    (onlinecomputer.com.au have lots of stock for Aussies)
    [*]3GB 1866MHz CAS8 DDR3 Corsair Dominators (TR3X3G1866C8D)
    [*]1GB Gigabyte GTX280 Graphics Card
    [*]1000W HX1000 Corsair PSU
    [*]TTBig Typhoon with custom plexi hold own
    [*](hold down sucks...weak pressure on CPU due to plexi bend)
    [*]1hp C-BuZz Single Stage (kayl evap) > later
    [*]160GB IDE Hard Drive
    [*]Windows XP Pro 32bit SP3
    [*]Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 for Vantage


With that out of the way i'm planning to do some air testing at first then followed by SS to see how different cooling affects the CPU

got a nice tripple channel kit from Corsair.......planning to test CAS6/7/8/9 OCing and its performance with 32M SuperPi. Once i find the optimum performance efficiency settings i'll do 3D testing as well. It will be interesting to see how IMC responds to voltage and general settings changes. I'm hoping that FELIX will have a full version of Memset out soon for Nehalem which allows subtimings changes in windows

32M SuperPi category testing for 32M SPi Low Clock Challenge thread to set some groundwork for me to relate back to in future testing. What's that? You never been to that thread.....:mad: ...better go say hello in the thread and start tweaking that system of yours with SuperPi :D

Why SuperPi? What is this obsession with a single threaded application you may ask? There are a lot of angry ppl on forums saying that this application is useless and they wonder why ppl bother testing it at all. Even some well known industry ppl (probably politics related there hehe). The bottom line with superpi is that this application is a must for any serious overclocker. If you dont test a lot with superpi you do not know your system efficiency properly imo whether you only bench that app or 3D or whatever. This is a base application that helps tweak the system. if you want superpi stability on multiple cores you run hyperPi basically which will run multiple instances but i am not talking about stability but system tuning. Please keep that in mind :)

RAM cooling >> AIR vs TEC RAM Cooling with tripple channel DDR3

Forum Member Suggestions
if there is something interesting you want to see i'll do my best to incorporate it

Let's inject some colour here....almost fell asleep myself writing this :D



Sep 1, 2005

with XMP Profile loaded to run RAM at stock
during load like superpi or hyperpi or prime the CPU was operating at 2833MHz

i will have to retest this 1M as the PP efficiency below 39K seems awefully good...it may be that 1M was actually still running at 22x multi

1M SuperPi

32M SuperPi

8xinstances of 1M SuperPi (via hyperpi)

8xinstances of 32M SuperPi (via hyperpi)


Stock AM3 (single GTX280 no OC)

1 Hour Blend Prime before stopping
temps were measured with Speedfan but seeing how low they are compared to others here i will have to use coretemp next time

After stopping prime
idle temperature drops a lot (ambients were below 20C)

Overclocked to 4.2GHz.....let's see where we're at
btw RAM was running at 1000MHz 8-8-8-20-1T @1.68vdimm :up:

1M SuperPi 9.765s

32M SuperPi 8m 38.250s

Pifast 20.84s

I tested the new F4E bios and has some issues overclocking only to finally realise it was uncore related and bios fix is on F4F bios

i did test a lot of different runs as i did this 32M to improve on my last time

32M SuperPi 8m 29.750s on air is really something else :D
amazingly fast CPUs i have to say...this is equivalent to around 5.7GHz E8600 with similar kinds of tweaks



Sep 1, 2005
Did some more testing last night
it keeps getting better and better :D

First of all some bios screenshots if you havent had a chance to look at them. I only took shots of interesting things for overclockers

That last screenshot is interesting. Since i was moving to new bios from F4E to F4F i decided to move my saves files to USB stick and reload them in new bios >>> yup it worked but you do get a warning that you are loading a bios setting from different bios etc so do be careful there :) ..... only issue i have is that the description for file is probably too short...i would like to see a much larger sizes description so i can put some detail in there to remind me what i did with the bios settings at that time


Some setup screenshots

Top temp > Ambient ~22C
Bottom Temp > Water temp at idle after a bit of work

You like my new waterblock mount :D

Water setup pics
OMG Nehalem is HOT...i ran that realtemp software and during prime it was in 80C at 4GHz 1.41v
water temp kept rising and rising....i have to check the rad for dust

Vdroop mod

Phase Change setup :)


Some results from last nights testing

Max Water Screenshot 4485MHz

Some Phase Change results

I started off with looser settings first to get a feel for frequency

Surprisingly fast 3DMARK05.....looks like Nehalem FTW here :D

I started tightening timings here and also later bumped frequency a touch on CPU :)



Jan 24, 2008
Thanks for sharing. Really useful as I'm deciding whether to go with water or a TRUE 120 for a similar setup.


Sep 1, 2005
cheers fellas
these CPUs are extremely hot
for decent overclocks you will have to get a proper watercooling setup i feel :)


Sep 1, 2005
the board is really good

NB speeds past 4400MHz stable :)

pretty good RAM performance :)