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    hi I tried using amd overclocking software long story short it crashed and I could not even get to the bios, I called tech dept where I got my system from and gave them the codes, the codes on the mother board were all pointing to the ram so they had me try all different things with the ram nothing worked they told me to send the system back,. 30 min ago I was reading the book and came across clearing the c-mos and thank god it worked. but tech had me mover all 4 ram sticks together to the 4 slots on the right side, everything is working but I have error code 40 from what I looked at on the internet it says something about ram not in the right spots, do I have to rearrange them? or are they fine? I don't even want to touch it again!! lol I have a asus x-399 motherboard

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    Second and four slots on each side should be populated for four channel ram or slot 1B and slot 2B on either side.
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    If it happens again, try using 1 memory stick to get back in, this has worked for me.
    I bought a motherboard with a button to reset memory clocks on the next boot only (the button is called Mem OK!), this has saved me so much time I cant count.
    Consider that for your next purchase.

    Also do NOT use your main OS for testing memory overclocks because it can be corrupted bad enough to not repair, or be such a time sink you will wish you hadnt done it.
    Install Windows on a spare drive and get it stable with that first.

    Generally, put the ram in slots closest to your CPU.
    As you are using 4 modules all the same memory size, you dont need to worry about which slots give dual channel as they will all be populated.

    Something that used to work a long time ago, depending whether the motherboard had a circuit to detect problems...
    With the memory in the original slots it was working in, if the machine wont POST after changing settings, this would get me back in eventually:

    Power the machine on, wait 15 seconds or so even though it does nothing.
    Power it off by holding in the power button for 5 seconds.
    Repeat 3 to 5 times and then leave it powered on.
    This would trigger the system to use default cmos settings giving a message it was using safe settings then let me into the CMOS setup again.
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    AMD Ryzen and TR require if you are using 4 channels of memory (4 sticks) they need to be in the slots like this:

    | X | X CPU X | X | <--- where | is populated with memory and X is left empty for ANY x399 Threadripper boards (note my sig -- 4 sticks of memory on an x399 board ;) ).

    memory placement in slots closest to the CPU is expected for Intel boards - not for Ryzen or TR.
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    Source: x399 MSI Pro Carbon w/ 1950x.