Synology setup/config.


[H]F Junkie
Feb 16, 2003
Maybe it's been a long week, but I've been trying to wrap my head around some of the config for my synology to work with my existing setup.

Synology is set up with VPN (PIA) - Done
Synology is torrent downloader - Set up with Transmission but debating on Download Station
Synology needs to be able to extract and move downloaded torrents to my primary NAS (OMV)

Primary NAS (OpenMediaVault):
OMV Runs Sickrage/Couchpotato/Plex - Done
OMV has shares for media for long term storage - Done

What I'm hitting a roadblock with are a couple of things.
1. Synology using Transmission or Download Manager - Reason is I don't think the rars can be extracted unless I use download manager.
2. Getting the Synology to move the data to the OMV to a specific directory so that the OMV can parse and perform post processing.

Anyone have any ideas?