Synology SA3400 upgraded

Silent Knight

Dec 5, 2010
Synology SA3400 upgraded (32GB RAM, extra network card, 2TB SSD cache) | eBay

Synology SA3400 - 4 months used - Local only.
This has:
  • 32GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB I believe.)
  • 2TB SSD Cache (Samsung SSD 983 1TB x2)
  • PSU fans have been replaced by the Noctua ones.
  • Network card included: E10M20-T1
Please note that all the items upgraded cost nearly $800 extra. The NAS itself has its MSRP at $5,999 plus tax, so you are saving approximately $1,500-$2,000.

Warranty is covered by Synology.

Drives are sold separately and are not included with this item.