Switch & External HDD enclosure recommendations

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by FenFox, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. FenFox

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    Dec 20, 2016
    1.) So I'm looking to buy a switch and I don't know anything about switches. I just know that I only have 1x GigE port left on my modem/router and I need at least 2x more ports and probably even more in the future.

    Is this adequate enough? https://www.amazon.ca/NETGEAR-8-por...qid=1530521498&sr=8-3&keywords=gigabit+switch

    Is there anything I should be made aware of before buying a switch?

    2.) Also looking to buy a USB 3.0 external HDD enclosure. Anything I should know before I buy, or just buy whatever is cheapest?
  2. SamirD

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    Mar 22, 2015
    Yep great little switch. Many others like it by other manufacturers. What to be aware of is managed vs unmanaged--you want unmanaged as they will be simpler and cheaper.

    External enclosure, don't buy cheap--they break faster and can take your drive down too with them. I like enclosures from startech--reasonably priced and higher quality and better warranty than the rest. (y) Also, look for one with a fan to keep your drive cool--that's important too as a hot drive will fail suffocating inside a sealed enclosure (or even in the open air if pushed hard enough).
  3. Overblod

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    Mar 28, 2018
    Any unmanaged gigabit switch will do... one you linked it a good one.

    External enclosure, if its for 3.5" then dont buy cheap, as it needs external power and cheap systems can mess up your HDD. 2.5, go for the cheapest one...