surveillance camera, motion detecting, write the video to a hard drive


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Sep 22, 2017
I am focused on security cameras that cost less than $100, because I really don't need anything fancy.
My focuses are that I don't want it to be always recording, as I'd imagine that that will eat through hard drives. Plus, I wouldn't be able to review the footage easily.

Also, I need to be able to connect the device to my network or my computer so that I can write the video to a hard drive. Eventually, I would like to have it write the data to an offsite location. That could be a location where I manage the hardware or rented data space on a cloud. But, I wouldn't plan to implement that right away, would wait at least a few months.

I don't care too much whether it's wifi or wired. I am assuming that i can drill a hole through an indoor wooden door frame without risking hitting anything electrical (I'll have to research a little, but I am pretty certain on this).

What I am finding seem to be devices that want to use the motion sensing to trigger an alert to your smart phone app. Then, it streams the video there. Maybe it writes it somewhere, too (unclear). I do not want to have to manage the settings through a phone app.

Can I easily avoid having to use the app?
The other idea that I had is to use a web cam, which I guess would be ok with me. But, long term that might not be ideal if I am trying to put the data on the cloud or have it at another location.

Here are some of the models that I came across:
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Nov 23, 2006
I have my recorder set full time recording, but can make it so it's only on motion. Not sure on the $100. Do you want to be able to recognize a face or anything? I have 2 1080p cameras set up right now. I also just got a 8mp or 12mp 4K one as well. I am putting this at the front door. Look into a DVR and you can have it on your network. Install a HD in it and you are good.


Jul 11, 2005
I've had real good look using the combination of several Amcrest 1080p cameras (IP2M-841B) and BlueIris for the recording. I have about 5 of these around the house.


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Feb 3, 2008
I also have mine set to always record. I have over a month of footage I can review before the files overwrite themselves.