Supermicro motherboard randomly loses UEFI devices?


Limp Gawd
Nov 27, 2012
Not sure which is the right subforum to post this, so let's start here:

I wanted to install Debian on ZFS root with UEFI boot.

1) I downloaded Ubuntu 15.04 desktop image because it has UEFI support (debian live does not)
2) Mounted the .iso via Supermicro IPMI
3) BIOS shows two devices:
- UEFI: Aten virtual cdrom
- Aten virtual cdrom
4) I chose UEFI, debootstrapped debian, rebooted
5) Had to boot back to Ubuntu live because forgot to do something
6) UEFI: Aten virtual cdrom does not show up in BIOS anymore
7) Maybe 10 reboots and it magically appears there

What could cause this? I also tried to re-mount the image, tried different images, unplugged the server for 2 mins, but no go. It's completely random when UEFI-capable devices show in BIOS boot menu.