Sudden problems with my 9800 Pro

Apr 8, 2002
I got back home from school today, booted up the computer and went to get a drink. When I got back it was hard locked at Windows Login, so I rebooted again, but this time is wouldn't even POST, just displayed some artifacts on the screen. Rebooting several other times would get me into Windows, part-way into Windows, or a hard lock artifacts at any point during the process.

Tried reseating everything, unplugging unessential peripherals, swapping out the PSU, etc. The problem only went away when I swapped out my 9800 Pro for my old Geforce2 GTS, which I've been using all night without problems. After several hours without problems I put the 9800 Pro back and had the exact same symptoms as before.

So it looks like my 9800 Pro is pretty much screwed up, but visual inspection don't show any visible problems on the board. Are there any fixible things that could be causing these problems?

The card is a Built by ATI refurb I bought from Newegg right when the 9800s were released and has been working fine since. I had had it overclocked at one point several months ago, but only for a few days and it's been at stock speeds since.

I've been running the card and the NF7-S/Athlon 2400+ system off of an Antec TruePower 430 since I built it.

Does anyone have any ideas one what could have gone wrong and/or suggestions to try to fix the problem?