Stuck at Memory Test on Boot-up


Nov 10, 2002
Ok, so my friend wanted to over clocked his computer. He asked me to help him because i successfully over clocked my Giga-byte 845Pe667 Ultra mobo and Intel CPU. His BIOS only gave the option to increase the FSB and DRAM Voltage. The default frequency was 200Mhz so i had him increase it by 10Mhz to 210MHz. I had him leave the DRAM voltage at the default settings as i didn't want to fry the RAM if the default was enough.

However, upon reboot the system hangs after the Memory is tested and it says it is OK. It won't respond to pressing the DELETE key. I have removed the CMOS battery in an attempt to clear the CMOS, but it had no effect.

This is a PCCHIPS Mobo
M870 K8

AMD Athlon64 3700+

If you have a suggestion please respond. Thanks.


Oct 14, 2004
Depending on the mobo, sometimes you may need to have removed the power cord from the PSU, removed the battery, and also shorted the CLR_CMOS jumper to clear cmos. Most are not like this, but I'm not familiar with his setup.

Sometimes pressing the Insert key will allow you to reset bios to defaults without having to enter bios.