Strange Screen Flickering Issue..?


Limp Gawd
Jul 13, 2012
Here's the deal,

Recently on some occasions, when saving a file, opening a program, or really anything that opens up a new window, the icon that pops up on the windows taskbar but it does so about 15 times in very quick succession (takes about 1-2 seconds). It sort of looks like its sliding behind itself as if it were opening up many instances of itself. However once it finishes, there are no problems.

I also use Open Hardware Monitor to keep an eye on my SLI GPU temps and such. The "gadget" disappears and reappears randomly and when opening up chrome and such.

Finally, also occasionally, an open folder screen will flicker when I click somewhere on the screen while files are being transferred.

All of these issues started at the same time about a week ago and I am unsure how to fix them.. I use Display Fusion which is a dual monitor program but it has never been an issue before.

Id really appreciate some help on this guys. The Displays subforum seemed to be the most applicable for this issue but I don't know for sure,