Strange LCD "problem".


Jun 17, 2002
The LCD on my laptop is acting very strange...
There are probably 100 spota around the screen that look like somebody took a handful of dust and scattered it over the screen. They can only be seen if I set the background to black and they are a very very very pale green color. They aren't nearly as noticable as a dead pixel, they have much less transparancy than a dead pixel.

Does anybody know what these are? Are they pixels that are about to die? Is there any way to fix these?

Could video drivers cause this?
It started when I formatted and reinstalled windows.
Dead pixels.
100 of them is a bit much though, unless you have had your screen for a good 2 years or so. LCDs don't last long.
This thing's only a couple months old. It's a 2.4ghz.
I wonder if HP has any kind of warranty or recall or something, that's rediculous!
Eh sorry. I was in a hurry and misread your original post. Dead-pixels the way people know it cannot occur truely in LCDs (I thought you were asking about a TFT).

Bad Manufacturing. They squeezed the layers together a bit hard. Uncommon but not rare. You should get a replacment.
Originally posted by W2zero
Eh sorry. I was in a hurry and misread your original post. Dead-pixels the way people know it cannot occur truely in LCDs (I thought you were asking about a TFT).

now this makes no sense what so ever...yes you can have dead pixel(s) on an LCD...any pixel that is either stuck on or off is considered a dead pixel...then you have the sub pixels that can also be stuck either on or off...if they are stuck on and it is an entire pixel (3 sub-pixels) it will be white, if it is just a sub pixel then it will be either Red Green or Blue, if it is stuck off the pixel will be black always and if just a sub pixel it will be an incorrect color or a small black mark on a light screen....enough on LCD if these are scattered about the display that is deffinately not normal and I would see if the screen can be replaced under warranty (depending on the warranty for the computer) but if they are bunched in a single area it would almost sound like an impact (though why it would only effect sub pixels i don't know) and if they are in a line then it is a bad connection from the inverter board to the display (probably) but yeah...I would call HP and see what they will do about
Hmm. I always thouht dead-pixels are those who never recieve a signal, not when they don't respond to it, but now that I think of it, not getting a signal at all would not prove to be very likely on individual pixels no matter what type of screen it is. Sorry my mistake.

It is still mad manufacturing though. You can create similar effects when laying down massive (relatively) pressure to the screen.
I just went through my portable certification and LCD's were one of the subjects we had to cover so it is all fresh in my mind :D
They are scattered all over the screen, like somebody took a handfull of thin, light green sand and sprinkled it over my screen.

I'll give them a call and see what they can do about it, though I doubt that they will do anything. Even if I send it to them, they'd have to really look to be able to see them.
I'm having basically the same problem but a tad different. When I have certain colors on my screen random pixels will start flickering red, green, or blue. Just started happening but they dont stay constant cause once I move colors around like moving a web page or something the flickering pixels will either go away or start happening where even I moved the colors to.

Any ideas?
that almost sounds like a cable or video card issue rather than an LCD one...I would first try with a different LCD and if it does not follow the display (i.e. the other display does the same thing) then you know it is something else and probably the video card