strange buzz on LG subwoofer


May 6, 2007
I have this sound system

I bought it about a month or two ago, I started playing tombraider on my ps3 and at certain frequencies the subwoofer is making a buzzing noise. It's not constant only at super low frequencies, but they seem pretty frequent because it happens everytime I sit at a campfire in the game. Also during some talking in movies it happens. I have a video of it that recorded the sound

I have tried different settings but it always seems to be there in some form, I even have isolation pads installed on the bottom of the woofer.
see if the HTIB has setting for bass management or just bass and turn it down a it.

like bloodypulp says, it is probably distorting from being pushed beyond the capabilities of the sub

try a to isolate the sub with spikes if the pads haven't worked, odds are it's cabinet is resonating because it isn't stiff enough, being built cheaply or underspec'd.

Some strategic use of dyna-mat or batting inside the enclosure might help but after a point an upgrade to a AVR and with proper sub are easier to deal with than messing with tweaking.