Storm scout, H80, 3770k 680 temps?


Limp Gawd
Dec 29, 2011
So I made the change from AMD to Intel, sold my 1100T to get a 3770K and i'm quite satisfied. I have two 6870's running in CF ~ I'm selling them soon. Now my problem is since i'm not familiar with intel and the new ivy bridge, I have no clue what temps I should be getting. The 3770K is cooled by a H80 with the fans always on full (I can care less about sound). It's clocked at 4.7 GHz @ 1.25V. Idle i get about 35-36 and on full load about 65-75. Below is a view of my fan config. I have the side panel in-taking air for the video card (I had my 6870 CF running at 41C each!) the top intake is mainly just for the radiator to get fresh air and the two front fans are both intake.

Any advice will help. Thanks!