STEP for Fallout 3


I Drive Myself to the [H]ospital
Jan 28, 2014
Recently I've had the itch to play Fallout 3 again and I figured I'd go all out on the mods. I enjoyed the STEP project and what it did for Skyrim, so I wanted to see if there existed such a guide for Fallout 3. I came across this one on the STEP project wiki by Kelmych, and it seems to be considered the "official" STEP guide for Fallout 3 now.

I've spent a solid 3 days of following the guide, testing along the way, and I'm only halfway through it. It looks like it will be worth the effort, though, as the game already looks and plays amazingly at the point I'm at. I'll try and update the thread with a kind of build log containing thoughts and screenshots along the way. This makes me want to dive into "Fear and Loathing in New Vegas" after I'm done with this.

Anyone else have experience with STEP projects?