Steam Chat and Friends UI Update


Extremely [H]
Jan 28, 2014

In what looks like an attempt to copy Discord, Valve goes and seriously fucks up the UI in spectacular ways. This seriously goes against every basic tenet of UI design I learned about during my stint with computer science and game design: Wasted space, intrusive alerts, lack of options, security risks, etc. First thing I noticed after the update was the Friends list now popping up on its own every time Steam starts. Others have mentioned that even when no UI is active it's stealing half of their CPU cycles. Even still, the new alerts will minimize whatever game you're playing to make you empty your friends list forever and just use Discord.

Classic case of form over function. I seriously hope that Valve isn't moving in this direction for the rest of the Steam interface.

I have not yet tried it myself, but there is a way to revert to the old UI for now. Add the command line arguments -nochatui and -nofriendsui to your shortcuts. The -no-browser argument will disable Chromium in Steam entirely.

Megathread over on the Steam subreddit. Majority of posts on Hot are still complaints about the new design.