Start Up Problem


Limp Gawd
Oct 2, 2003
I have this problem when starting Windows Xp Pro
I have a Radeon 9600 Pro with drivers 6.14(only ones that work) and a NEC MultiSync LCD 1760NX with DVI.

A while back I got this problem where when I start up the screen goes blank after the load up screen and no picture comes up. Then the computer restarts.

The only way I get pass this everytime I startup is by first click "Start Windows Normally" trys to loads but doesnt and restarts... then I click Use Last Good Configuration... it trys to load same procedure.. then I have to Click Start Windows Normally again and only then does it work.

It shows the error the report once I get into Windows but Im not sure if thats relevant. I don't know if the card has a problem with my motherboard theres something wrong with the card and the monitor.

I formatted about 3 months ago and the problem was fixed for a couple weeks but it came back mysteriously.

Also, I don't remember the problem when I had my CRT making me think that its the LCD's fault but i dont have proof or I've never heard of this problem before so I dunno.
If you guys don't know, im just gonna call tech support.

Thanx ;D

Ice Czar

Last Known Good is the registry values employed at the last successful boot
and if its fixed for awhile after a reformat and reinstall and then goes bad
Its likely corruption

sounds like the wrong drivers or damaged registry entries are being loaded at every normal boot, but when you go to the repair folder (WINNT) for the backup it allows it

quick cut and paste (Im busy)

video driver wars and incompatibilities with residual entries have been going on forever :p

ATI explicitly suggests the complete removal of any other display drivers from the system,
as a matter of fact, they recommend the installation of the Rage128 Fury on a fresh install of the Operating System.

luckly its not that bad any more ;)

Flyingaddict said:
1. Unplug nic card or modem from net or disconnect ( dont be connected to the net... this is important )
2. Remove nvidia/ATI from add/remove programs
3. Reboot into safe mode (F8 during boot up)
4. On reboot into safe mode WinXP SP1/SP2 will auto detect and install drivers. Just let it do its thing. If you can cancel out of the auto install hardware wizard then skip the rest and run Driver Cleaner! If you can NOT cancel out of auto detect wizard then...
5. Navigate to device mgr->display adapters->highlight nVidia/ATI and click uninstall or remove but don't reboot
6. Disable any AntiVirus Software (If you don't disable is than it could give trouble)
7. Run Cab Cleaner (not needed, but recommended)
8. Run Driver Cleaner
9. Empty recycle bin and reboot ( here I put the new card in before booting up again)
10. Install the new drivers

and it just gets worse when you add in say video capture software or hardware
building an interdependent web of registry entries and dlls


excuse that its answering a different thread please, but has the basic proceedure Ive used and that link, try uninstalling the driver again
also go to Data Storage Forum > FAQ > Corruption 101 ;)
to start the search for a root cause (long term)


Limp Gawd
Oct 2, 2003
lol its ok thx lots for reply man, i hate this problem ill try it out